10 Quick Tips About Communication

Sometimes I feel like I am talking just to hear the sound of my voice. I can’t handle it when I’m doing it, but it’s like there is something in me that just… Continue reading

5 Reminders to Pick Yourself Back Up Again.

Flounder (verb) : 1. To struggle with stumbling or plunging movements (usually followed by about, along, through, etc.) 2. To struggle clumsily or helplessly. It’s common to be excited by the people, world… Continue reading

7 Simple Ways to get the Storm in Your Brain to Settle

Something I realized is how much I think in quiet. Not only did I realize that, but I also realized that every other human being does the same thing. Whether they are thoughts… Continue reading

Dedicated to my Mum

My mom is one fascinating person. Yes she is living off of the skivvies that life is currently providing for her. She decided to make a bold move to Sweden to get the… Continue reading

Wandering Education – An Article Brought Back to Life

This was the first of a series of articles I wrote for Korduroy.tv (www.korduroy.tv), a grounded surf-cultured company and blog started by Cyrus Sutton. If you haven’t seen his most recent film, “Compassing”… Continue reading

7 Ways the City is Different from Small Town Life

1. People-watching. The city definitely broadens the people-watching horizons, from loud self-talkers (people talking to themselves), friendly elderly, drag queens, a ridiculous amount of city dogs and other miscellaneous sights of humanity. My… Continue reading

“We’re All Here!”

This is my first blog in about four months. Yikes! I feel like I have neglected something that really does mean something to me, yet I allowed all the other “stuff” take priority… Continue reading

Silt, Salt, and Fish Tacos.

Without inspiration, vision of what you would like to achieve can go silty. All that felt as though it was flowing can come to a slow circulating eddy where it cycles in repetitive… Continue reading

Laughing Until Everyone Around Laughs and Then You Keep Laughing.

Life can get intense. So intense you take that intensity and without effort involve it with all facets of your life, even the activities that don’t need to be so intense. Exhibit A:… Continue reading

Tequila Moonrise.

There is something special about the desert. It’s vast, desolate, dry, dusty, and…umm…pokey. Crystal may or may not have sat on a cactus. On another level, it’s a space where you can really… Continue reading